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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough

You finally get out to the last island! You are talking to a strangely voiced machine. He wants to tes tyou out. You go to a monster truck garage and are told to get to all the GPS coordinates and back again in 6:30. You can hold down R1 to go into 4 wheel steering mode. There are 35 checkpoints on this course. The timer doesn't start until you hit the first checkpoint, so you can give yourself a running start.

This is a killer course involving a lot of cliffs and sharp turn-offs. Be sure to turn on that 4 wheel drive when necessary, and expect to take a few runs at this to figure out the course and pattern. Once you are familiar with the layout and turns, it of course get easier and easier to drive it quickly.

If you fail, you can try again with the exact same video. The time of day really matters on this one - daytime is much better.

There are all sorts of specific hints. Between spots 8 and 9 is a bridge and a four wheel sharp turn to the left. Between 14 and 15 is a little ghost town that you have to be sure to go on the right side of, dodging the rocks. Before 22, get up to the high road. On 24 just barely touch the edge to stay on the road. You don't have to go through the center of a red area - just barely nick its edge. At the end you split the tree and telephone pole. It all comes down to minimizing the bouncing, going as straight as possible and knowing the course.

It's very easy to pass but challenging to get spot #1.

Spot 1 : $5,000
Spot 2 : $4,000
Spot 3 : $3,000
Spot 5 : $1,000

You get a call to return to the ranch again.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough

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