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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough
El Castillo del Diablo

You have a buggy called the Bandito to drive out to your new location. That is at Arco del Oeste, a mountain to the west area of the northeastern map. When you get there, a flare starts up, and a cargo arrives for you. It's a helicopter landing. Enemy choppers start to come in. You have a rocket launcher to shoot them down. Shoot both of the enemy copters down. Now more enemy copters come in, shoot them down as well. A lot of this comes down to being good with your aim. Watch the radar map for new red spots to aim at. The choppers will try to drop soldiers so you need to shoot them down before they do.

Once all of the enemy choppers are gone, you go to the hut and gather up the health. Then run towards the green spot on the map to get to the contraband. When you get it, you get a call - take the vitamins to the new spot.

Mission passed

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough

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