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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough
Verdant Meadows

You're told they need Sweet alive - even though people are now after you. He wants you to buy some property for him. It's the abandoned airstrip. When you land there, you get a call. It's Jethro. The garage is nice. There's a race going on near the driving school. It costs $80,000 which you should easily have by now. You have a big garage here too.

Go into the Abandoned AC Tower. There's a save spot here. You're told you have to learn how to fly. The TV will teach you how.

Learning to Fly
Press and hold X to accelerate and take off. You fly towards red circles. The key here is to make small adjustments. This is of course pretty easy.

Land Plane
This is easy - just put down your landing gear and reduce speed until you stop.

Circle Airstrip
You can do this one clockwise or counterclockwise. Use the L2 and R2 buttons to turn circles and move around through the red circles. If you've played any game from Harry Potter to Zelda you'll get the sense of this mission.


You get a call in about how scary flying is.

Circle Airstrip and Land
As you might imagine, this is about proving your flying skills in general by leaving and returning to the ground :)

Helicopter Takeoff
Haven't you already been flying helicopters? Use R2 and L2 to rotate your helicopter.

Land Helicopter
Use X to keep going forward as you use the forward stick to point forward. Release X when indicated and use L3 to auto-level the copter. X descends and lands.

Destroy Targets
Destroy the three trucks at the end of the runway. Use L1 to fire guns, and circle to fire the rockets. The aim is to go slowly and straight towards them all so you blow them up in order. Now they say to get two cars over on the road. There's no targeting spot for the guns - you just have to get a sense for the center of the screen.

Loop the Loop
This is a biplane mission. It's really easy - just learn to do the loop. A loop is going head over tail, like doing a somersault.

Barrel Roll
A barrel roll is rolling around your long axis, as if you laid down on the ground and rolled stomach to back. You need to go through a pair of hoops while you do this.

Parachute Onto Target
Now it's time to play with your parachute. ou get to learn how to use CIRCLE to open your parachute, and then land onto a target. It's ahead of you, down the runway. Use the directional controls to move your way down the runway.

Respect +

A call from Wu Zi - he has a business proposition. It's the Four Dragons Casino.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough

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