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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough
Air Raid

It costs $30,000 to buy Zero's shop. Now you can go into it! It's very empty looking, with not a lot of stuff in it. No wonder it's doing poorly. There's nothing to do in there, though. When you come out, you get a call. Zero says he was on a dangerous recon mission.

Go back to the shop and into the red spot. He says his hopes and dreams are crushed. The forces of darkness have triumphed over good. "We all know drugs are for losers and/or sex maniacs". Zero won first prize in the science fair and now it's time for revenge.

You guys go up on the roof - he's going for zero's transmitters. "They're not toys - they're just smaller". You have to use the miniguns on the roof to shoot down the incoming mini biplanes - "RC Barons". You have a timer counting down, as well as a graph showing the signal strength. The planes will smoke at first and then flame and fall - just hold down on the trigger button and move as smoothly as you can across their flight path.

If you fail the mission, it's very easy to re-try, you just walk back into the red spot.

Note there are transmitters both on the building you're on as well as the one down to the right of you.

It seems that there are infinite planes. You have to shoot each one down on its way in, before it drops the bomb. It just crashes after it drops its bomb anyway. If you have an auto-shoot controller, all you do is point while the shots rattle off. You can hurt Zero - but you can't hurt the transmitters.

You have to learn the order they come in. Left, mid left, right, right. Then a group from the left and so on.

Time of day makes a difference on this mission - playing at night, it's hard to see the planes against the black background. It's much easier during the day.

"Well done, Carl!" and then he tries to quote famous people :)

Mission passed!
Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough

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