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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough
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Heading into the shop, you find Zero in the back closet. Apparently Zero's enemy hung him by his underwear for 2 hours. Luckily for you, Zero has a prototype of a miniature plane to get revenge with.

First, the keys:
X to accelerate, square to decelerate
R2 / L2 for the rudder
joystick for up/down/left/right
L1 to fire guns with unlimited ammo

Important note: You ONLY burn fuel when you are moving. So you can sit and "watch the map" for eternity if you want to. So this comes down to a logic puzzle. There are five couriers out there to take down. Your biggest problem is fuel for the plane to move. You have to time your route to maximize where the couriers are going to be in relationship with each other. That's the only way to get to all five. It doesn't matter where they START. It matters where, on each route, they are closest to the "center".

This is a REALLY HARD mission and the courier paths are completely random. There is NO set path to victory that will always work. You just have to keep replaying and replaying, and being patient, until you get the trucks to drive around towards you so you can get them.

I break the couriers into two sets. Set one is the group of 3 in front of you when you take off. Set two is the other two who are sort of behind you and further off.

Start with set 1. If you go straight forward and ignore the easy biker on the left, you can grab the truck guy by the first light. This is important because if you get the easy biker first, then the truck guy has time to get further and further away from you. He drives faster than the bike does :) When you finish with the truck, turn left. The other two vehicles in set 1 are actually converging together, so you can take them both out in quick succession. We can do this part and still have 2/3rds of our fuel left.

Now comes the part that many people get stuck on - they take off flying trying to get to the other 2 couriers and run out of fuel. Remember, patience grasshopper. Sit still. Wait. One of the other two couriers - the motorcycle - will in quick order come in close, and you can get to him with 1/4th of your fuel left. The last courier, a truck, is the troublesome one, he drives down the long highway down the easternmost side of the map area. Eventually he will come back within reach, and you've gotten all five.

You still have to fly home, though! That means that not only do you have to get back to the start but you also have to get up high to the roof. So be sure to save enough fuel for that final part.

As far as flying goes, don't hold down the X and don't do wildly strong turns. This is a plane - if you've flown any plane simulator you know that small, tiny adjustments are how it works. Use the R2 and L2 for gentle turning. Press the X until you get airborn - and then just tap it lightly as you coast and shoot. You only use fuel for the thrust and then get "free" travel as you coast. If you drive on the ground you have to use fuel constantly. Coasting conserves fuel and makes controlling it much easier. If you start wildly see-sawing back and forth, you are using too much force on the controller. Remember, tiny motions.

Many people consider this the hardest mission in the same game. Just keep at it until luck is with you on the couriers' paths.

Mission passed!

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough

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