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Silent Hill 3 Walkthrough
Amusement Park

Amusement Park Explore as you see fit.

Hint 1: The ultimate way to get out of any place. Cut scene. To the left is the Mall toilet save spot.

From the Mall Toilet save spot go right and out of the window. Take a right and down the alley enter the door on your right. G straight and turn right at end of short hall, run to end of hall take a right and left (following the hall) and go through door at the very end. Take a left and go in the 2nd store on the left. Cut scene, you find a gun, meet a monster and kill it. Go out the back door. The map is on the wall. Take a right and quick left. Go through door straight ahead. Enter stairwell and go to 2nd floor. Go straight down the hallway, it shifts left and right very quickly but you are headed straight and up. Northwest if there were a compass. On the 3rd door on your right, also third from the end on the north side of the hallway, you can go in and find beef jerky. You may want to kill this dog as running around in the little room can be tough. Go out and two doors down, the last door on the right, you will find the 2nd floor storeroom save spot, some ammo and a health drink. There is also a key under a crate, we’ll come back to that. Go back out and toward the way you came. Right before the stairwell you came up go right down the hallway. At the end, go straight through the door and keep running straight. You will see several of the tall, long arm guys and some dogs. Going in a counter clockwise pattern enter the first door on the left. It’s a bakery. Take the tongs and run back to the save point. You can now use the tongs to get the key. Head all the way back to where you just were but this time go in a counterclockwise pattern. At the fifth building according to your map you can enter a bookstore. It’s the first right after the blocked off hallway. Go in here and you will find 5 books and some ammo. Take them of course. The sign says “fair is foul, and foul is fair. Put these books out of order.” Not exactly rocket science.

Hint 2: Examine the books carefully.

Cut scene. After the scene go straight down the hall and get on the elevator. It will bump when it stops and the radio will fall out. Once you exit there is a gruesome cut scene and you are no longer in Kansas. The map is new and the world is different. Once off the elevator, go right and quick right down the long hallway headed south, again if there was a compass. At the end go right and at the end of this hall go in the door straight across. It is the next to last room on the south west side of your map, across from the men’s room. In here you will find several health drinks, and ampoule, and the First aid room save spot.

From the First aid save spot and run, don’t walk, all the way down the hall to your left. At the end go through the doors straight ahead. Once in the open hallway, avoid the long arm guys and run to the hall that is just off to your right and across. Run to the end of this hall, going north, and at the end take a right and take the door on your left. It’s actually the 2nd door on your left but the other one was in front of you when you came down the hall. The sign on the wall says to turn out the lights. So do it and you see the flashlight. You can actually pick up the flashlight first if you’d like. You will also get a first aid kit and some ammo. Go out of here and take a left and go into the first door on the left, the ladies room. You will find some bleach you’ll need for later. Knock on the third stall, the one from earlier, and as you walk away it opens to reveal a blood soaked mess. Out of the bathroom go left and all the way to the end of the hall. Go under the broken door, and head to the right and across the hall. You’re looking for another half open pull down type door. You also want to avoid the long arms and dogs. The door is on the 2nd room on the east of the big hallway. Once in the room you will see a dress on the left and behind that you get the hanger. Keep going to the left and on the back rack you get a bulletproof vest. Remember to go in and equip it. You can leave now. Remember the bathroom, head that way. You’re not going to the bathroom, keep running to the end of that hall and take a left. Run to the end of that hall and take a right, you’re in the wide hall again, facing west. Go in the second room on the right. In here you will see a ladder.

Hint 3: How can you get that down from there?

Once up the ladder, turn around and go to the TV which is away from the hole and ladder. Watch it and you get fuzz and a faint image. Around the corner to your right is the 2nd floor walkway save point.

Keep going past the save point and you will see a stretcher and a hole in the floor. On your left is a door to a jewelry store. Inside, on the left wall, you will find a walnut. Leave the store and go back to the save point. Go past the save point and to your right you will see escalators going up. Go upstairs and there is a dog and a long arm so be careful. You want to go into the first door on your right at the top of the escalator. Inside you will find a BBQ dog on the center table with the cooked key. On the shelves in the back left are a health drink and a first aid kit. Go back down the escalator and save. Go back to the escalator and just before it to the right there is a door. Inside there are 3 mutant mannequins. You can run by them but make sure to pick up the ammo and health drink on the counter on your right as you run by. There is a back exit on the left. You have to use a key to unlock it so make sure to hit the x button twice. Go out of that and take a right and quick left down a short hall. You should be facing east. There is a long arm here. You will use the cooked key to unlock the door at the end of this little hall. You go into an old diner. Just as you enter there are 2 health drinks on the left. At the end of the counter and against the wall is a steel pipe you want to take. Now go to your right and out the door. Go in a counter clockwise pattern and head to your 3rd room on the right. Once inside go slightly to your right through the doorway and you will find some detergent and a back door. Take both. Now go right and then left and all the way to the end of the hall. You’ll see a huge fan going and a switch below it. Turn off the fan and go into the left hand door. Stop about ½ way and you see some bats swarming. You need to get rid of them to move on.

Hint 4: You will combine two products to get a deadly gas.

Turn the fan back on to clear the air and go back in. Head straight ahead, take a right and then a left down a really long hall. At the end, take a left and go into your 2nd door on the right. You will find 3 boxes of ammo on your left and beef jerky on your right. Leave this room and take a right. At the end of the hallway take another right and then the door on the left. There’s a long arm to run by to reach the door on the other side. You are now in a hallway with dogs and some sort of spider thing chasing you. Parts of the floor are missing. You want to be on the other side of the hallway and all the way to the left. The room is the last one before the hallway with the escalators and west of the ‘L’ shaped room. You have to cross the middle where parts of the floor are gone. Take a left, move to the middle where the floor isn’t missing and then move to the right. It’s the fourth room from the east on your map and the first door on the right that you can enter. Inside you will find a vice on the right.

Hint 5: What could you put in that vice to crack? Examine your items?

On the left you will find the Sports shop save spot.

Go out of the save room and head right to the door at the end, remembering the monsters from before. The door will unlock now so hit x twice and go through it. Head ½ way around the circle, left or right doesn’t matter, to the diner you came from. Here is the first encounter you can’t avoid by running. There are two mannequin things that you must kill to get by. I recommend the pipe and taking them one at a time. Go forward and take a few swings then back up for a step. Repeat this until both are dead. Go out the back door and take a right and the door you want is on the left. There are two doors on this left wall and you want the left of those. Be aware that a long arm may appear on your right. Go through the door and remember the three mannequin’s. Run to the opposite wall and out. Once out of the room head straight and to your right to the 2nd floor walkway save point.

Go back to the escalators and up. A long arm will be waiting on you. You need to get to the door just beyond the right side up escalator. This monster waits at the top of the escalator so you may have to fight him to get by. When you reach it you must press quickly through several messages and then go into your menu and use the moonstone. From there push the x a few more times, remembering the monster after you, and go in. When you get into this big hallway, go around to the opposite side and take the path back into the center of the room. At the end of this little walk is a ladder. Before you go down make sure your health is in the blue and your gun is equipped and loaded. Take the ladder downstairs. After a short cut scene you meet your first boss.

Silent Hill 3 Walkthrough

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