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Silent Hill 3 Walkthrough

When you have control, go to the stain glass window straight ahead and pick up the “eye of night” tarot card. Turn around and find the Chapel save spot.

From the Chapel save spot go left and through the door straight ahead. Just inside on the right is a church map. Turn around and enter the confessional. You get a short cut scene and then have to make a choice. You can decide and move on. Leave the booth to the right and right again down a hall. Take a right at the end and your first left into a hall. Take the left door, there are bars in front of you. There is a stabby arm monster in here. You want to turn right and right again through a door on the same side that you came in but the opposite end. Go left and at the intersection you want to go right. You may have to kill or elude the big fat monster here. You want to go in the door on the left. On the right shelves you get ammo and on the back right table you get a cassette tape and a story clue. Go out of this room and turn right. All the way at the end, past the stabby guys, enter the door straight ahead. Take a few steps and stop on the dark part of the floor. Watch carefully and you’ll see footprints move to the right toward a picture. When they are done go check out the picture and move it but don’t use the door. Go left and left then right into the double doors. In front of you is the Belfry save spot.

From the Belfry save spot take a moment to look at the 3 different paintings. Leave the room and head left, right, and left into the door you opened a moment ago, the one behind the picture. Go straight through the next door. Take a right and then a left along the narrow walkway. When you turn left you will meet a new enemy who seems to be quite fast. You want to take the last door on your right, there are four total. On the right shelf is a story clue and on the left of the center shelf as well. Once you’ve looked at both of those story clues, go to the back left of the room and pick up the “moon” tarot card. This triggers a cut scene. Receive book: Otherworld laws. Leave the room, go left, then right, and right into the elevator. It will take you down a floor. Off of the elevator, take a right and take the door on the left; don’t fall off the edge. Go straight, through a door, straight, and through another door. To your right you can pick up shotgun shells and on the body in front of you get the “hanged man” tarot card. Leave this room and take the first right, a left, and then left into the door. Straight ahead get stun gun batteries and a story clue on the bed. Leave the room. Take a right, a right, meet two of those missionary looking guys, go through the door and take another right. Pass the elevator, on your left, and take a left at the hall. Turn right into the 3rd door on your right. Inside you will find another ledge walkway with two flying bugs and a mini-missionary. Turn right, at the end left, and right into the last door on the right. Once through the door, take a left into the first door. Inside are two stabby guys. You want to go left diagonally to the opposite wall to find the door. Go through and walk straight until the camera angle changes. Footprints will appear. When they have finished examine where they went. A cut scene will show Heather open a door. Go straight and take the door to the right. Inside you will find handgun bullets to your left and on the chair the “fool” tarot card and on the desk in the back right an ampoule. Leave this room and head left, and right at the end. You’ll see a big fat guy an you want to go straight through the door you came from. Go to the door in the opposite corner of this room and go left and left again at the hall. Head straight through the door. On the left, and right of the save spot, you’ll find the brass key. There is a story clue on the bed and the desk. On the wall left of where you enter you will find Alessa’s room save spot.

From Alessa’s room save spot turn left and out the door. Alright, you’re heading back to the elevator. Go straight, right at the hall, straight through the door, left, right at the end. And left through the last door on the left. Turn left, right at the end, and right onto the elevator. Go right, left through the door, and straight to the next door. Take a left, go in the door and take a right at the next hall. There are several fat guys here. You came through here earlier but now there are more monsters. You want to go in and around to the left to exit a door on the opposite side of the room on the same wall you just came in. Take a right and a left. The brass key will unlock the door in front of you. Go down the hall and turn left and a quick left into the door. Inside this classroom you’ll find a story clue on the desk in the middle of the room and the teacher’s desk. Leave out the door on the opposite side you entered, next to the teacher’s desk. Go straight and take a right at the first door on your right. On the right, use the tape player to play the tape you found earlier for a story clue. There’s also a clue on the back desk. On the desk to the left is a first aid kit. Leave this room and head right to the next door on the right. On the left and also straight, you’ll get story clues. On the bed is the high priestess tarot card. Go out of this room to the left. Go straight at the end, back through the classroom, around to the left and back out. Take a right and a right to go out of the door ahead. At the first hallway right you want to go right and left into the door facing you. Go in and around the enemies to the right to the door on the opposite side of the same wall. Take a left out of here and a left at the end to the hall. Through the door, take the first right, through the door, and another right. Get on the elevator. Take a left and a left and the third door on your right, check the map you’ve been here already. Take a right along the path and then a left and finally a right at the last door. Go to the first hall on your right and straight through the door. Use Alessa’ room save spot.

From Alessa’s room save spot go to the door.

Hint 27: Read the bed book again. The hanged man is upside down.

Open the door. Go straight, right, right, and left. Take a right and run through the double doors ahead. Cut scene.

Hint 28: Daddy gave you your own RU486.

Walk into the hole for the final boss fight. Cut scene.


This guy is tough but possible. Watch for patterns, there are many of them.

Watch the cut scene and oh good god go get your life back.

Silent Hill 3 Walkthrough

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