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Silent Hill 3 Walkthrough
Normal Mall

Cut scene: you are back at the mall and very surprised to see it normal again Go straight ahead to the metal sliding door that is partly lifted and go through. On your map youíre headed west. Disregard what appears as a save point in the womenís room because those doors are now locked. Instead, keep going straight, west, to the last door on the right. This is just before you pass through some glass doors that are straight ahead. In this restaurant you will find some beef jerky on the far back left. At one of the tables on your left you will discover that this is where you had fallen asleep earlier. You will also find 3 boxes of ammo, a first aid kit, and the Burger shop save spot on the right side.

Go back out and take a right through the glass doors. Cut scene: You run into Douglas again and after your conversation you go down to the subway with the intention of heading home.

Go straight ahead and take the right. At the end of this rather long hallway go right again. At the end of this hallway take the door that is on the right side of the wall in front of you. Continue straight until this hallway opens up, the toilets are on the right, and then turn left. Go straight across, you should see the ticket booths on you left and two doors ahead of you. Take the corner to your right and you will see some ticket machines. On top of the second one thereís a newspaper with the headline, Fatal Accident at Hazel Street. This happens to be the subway line you are in. Read the paper and then turn around and go back to the ticket booths. The one on the far right is open so go through there. As you pass where the ticket collectors would sit, on the right, take the right around the corner and you can find the subway map on the wall.

From where you stood to collect the map, turn left and there are blue bars in front of you. If you go a few feet left you see stairs to your right leading down. At the bottom of the stairs take a right and another quick right and on the right side wall you will find the Subway stairs save spot.

From the Subway stairs save spot turn left and head to the door. Pass through and go all the way to the end of the hall. Take a left and at the end of this hall go left through the open blue gate. Now turn right and go down to Platform 1. When you reach Platform 1 you will find several dogs to fight or runaway from. You want to go right and right again so you are going in the direction you just came from but not going up the stairs. On your map this would be south. You want to run until you see the stairs on your right. Again, looking at the map this would be the northwestern set of stairs and the entrance on the south side to platform 1. Go down these stairs. Take a right and you come across a huge pile of junk. On the right side of all of this are two health drinks, a box of ammo, and what seems to be a dead person. Go back up the stairs and remember the dogs if you didnít kill them. Even if you did, more may appear so be cautious. When you exit the stairs you want to go left and all the way across the opposite side of the room. Your destination is the northeastern set of stairs. Go down the stairs and turn left. The path is blocked with trash but on the left side of the trash is a nutcracker. Go back up the stairs, remembering the dogs, and take a right at an angle all the way across the room. You want to go back to the stairs you came down to start. On the map, this is the northwestern set of stairs. Out of the stairs take a left and continue past the first right and a set of stairs going up on your right. Take the next hallway right, just past the stairs. At the end go through the door and youíre at the Subway stairs save spot.

If youíre facing the save spot, turn right and go to the end of the hall. Take a left, and go to the end of this hall. You will pass stairs on your left. Take the stairs to your right. At the bottom of the stairs, read the occult magazine and then turn left and go down the next stairs. After you walk in several feet a cut scene will take over and that evil ghost from the newspaper will push you on the tracks. Use your L1+R1 to turn around quickly and get off the tracks before the train hits you. When you get back on the platform there will be a health drink on the bench for you. Take a left and go back up the stairs. At the top of the stairs go right and right again up the next set of stairs. At the top of these, go left and all the way to the other side. At the end go down the stairs on the left. At the bottom turn right and right again down the next set of stairs. When you come out there will be a health drink on the first bench to your right. Now go back up and up again and over to the Subway stairs save spot.

Facing the save spot turn left and go through the door. Proceed all the way to the very end of this hallway and turn right. At the end of this hall, you will see blue gates on the left and right. Try the one on the right and itís too tight to open.

Hint 7: How can you twist that nut?

Go through the gate and take the stairs down to your right. Go into the subway train you see on your right. Inside the door, you will find two boxes of shotgun shells. Turn left and head down the train. About half way down on the right you will see what appears to be a gift. In fact, you get a shotgun. Keep walking and exit through the left open door. Take a left and there is the fat monster sleeping on the steps. Walk past him to the left and continue until you see the stairs going down on your right and behind you. At the bottom, turn right and right again. Take the 2nd set of stairs on your right leading down to Platform 3. At the bottom go straight across and at the end the camera angle will change. See that door with the red light? This is what you must do. Very quickly, jump down run to the door and try to open it, it wonít open, now run back and get off the tracks. Oh, and avoid the dogs that appear. If you make it back up in time youíll see a short cut scene of Heather almost getting hit by a train. When you have control again run straight ahead to the metal gate, it will unlock and you can go through. Remember the dogs if you didnít kill them earlier and keep running. You will see the stairs leading up to your right. Go up them, across and back down the other side. Go all the way to the front of the train and get on. There is another cut scene that shows the train leave. Once you have control again, you are on the train. Walk forward and you are at the In the train save spot.

Silent Hill 3 Walkthrough

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