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Silent Hill 3 Walkthrough
Subway Station

Go left, all the way to end and through the blue door on the right. Take a right down some concrete stairs. Take another right at bottom landing. Down a long wide hall you will go through a door. There is an armless and two flying bugs. What you want to do is go a few feet forward to the wall and follow it left. The door you want is a blue one on the right. Through the door youíll find more armless monsters. Take a right at the next blue door. Again, there are more armless monsters. Take the first left and then go through the blue door. On the left you will get the underpass map hanging on the wall. Just to the right of that, on the desk, you can get a maul. Go right and through the door straight ahead (opposite where you came in). Now youíll find a big armless and a little armless, go ahead until you see a blue door on the right. At the end of a brick hall you can get a wine bottle and beef jerky. Turn around and go back out the door you came. Turn right to find several more armless monsters. Go forward and at the end take a right. At the end you will get shotgun shells on a drum. Turn around and go out of this hall and turn left. This is heading back the way you came. Take a right into the first hallway. All the way down and through a big door you will find at least 2 flying bugs. Take the blue door on the left. Go all the way down this hallway and through the blue door. Take a right, and at the end take another right, through the large door. There is a large armless here. You want to take the 2nd hallway to the right, and enter the blue door at the end. This is the machine control room. On the left of the desk you get handgun bullets and shotgun shells and on the back right you get two health drinks. In the front corner, is a gas stove.

Hint 8: Why would there be a stove here?

On the wall you will find the underground passage save spot.

From the underground passage save spot, go out and down a hall. Take a left and then your first left, this would have been the first on right that you passed a moment ago. At the end, go through the door. Take a slight right up a ramp and all the way around. You find a machine that just might work.

Hint 9: How could you get that contraption to go?

Go to the other end of the machine and it should start. Go down the ramp and left to a hole in the ground. Go down the ladder. Go up the stairs to the left and then up the stairs slightly off to the right. Take a left and then right through the blue door. Go across the ramp, down the stairs, and through the door. Take a right. There is a big armless and the sewer is in the middle. Itís okay to jump in and out of this. Go a long way down until you see a blue door on your right. On your map itís the matching room south of where you just came from. Go through the door, up the stairs, across the ramp, and through the next door. Get a dryer on the chair to your left and an ampoule on a shelf in the back right. Exit and go across the ramp, down the stairs, out the door. Go straight across, jumping in and out of the water, and through the big door. There are several big and small armless monsters in this hall. Go to end take a left and a right through the blue door. Thereís a health drink on the desk. On the other side of the desk is a sign on the floor that says ďDanger Keep OutĒ. In the front left corner is the Sewer save spot.

From the Sewer save spot go right and through the metal door. If you try to cross you are attacked by a water monster.

Hint 10: Water and electricity donít mix.

Go across the ramp and take the door on the left. Take a right and at the end go through a blue door. Take a left and right down a hall. There are some flying bugs. You want to take the first hall on the right. At the end of the hall, take right into the blue door. This area does not appear on your map. Go down the stairs, across the hall, up more stairs, and through the blue door. There will be a weird camera angle. Go to the left back wall and right up a ramp. Take a right and then a left off the ramp. Go straight to the ladder and climb up. You appear at the top of a manhole cover. Go straight, at the end go right and at the end go right again. At this end on the left is the Construction site save spot.

Silent Hill 3 Walkthrough

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