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The Sims Online:
Getting Started - The Basics

In essence, the Sims Online is not about slaying monsters, conquering lands, or complex quests. It's about having fun and designing your own world. You get to run up to 3 different sims - each in a different "city" or on line server. Each sim starts with 10,000 money units with which to either buy land and start building a house, join up with someone else to work on an existing house, or just roam around and have fun.

You can talk to the various people you meet in your city. There aren't any "shops" or non-player-run buildings. Instead, your map is like a giant grid, and every grid spot holds a player's house or a lot which can be purchased. You look around this grid and decide which houses you want to go into and examine. You can only enter houses that are "on line" - i.e. whose owner is currently on line and in the house.

So start out by exploring, looking around at the various houses, examining the objects, learning how they work. Most objects that can be used have a help function that explains how to use them. Some objects improve the skills you have, while others meet the various needs of the sims.

The first thing you need to do is create a character!

The Sims Online Tips, Techniques and Walkthroughs

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