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The Sims Online:
Choosing a Look and City

Your first choice is to be male or female, and to choose a face and outfit. These are your "base look" settings. You can choose new hats and outfits in the game, but you will usually return back to this base when you remove the other costume. Choose one you'll be happy with!

There are various servers, or "cities" to choose to enter. Each one is full of hundreds of people. If you have friends that are on line, be sure to join the city they are in! You can't move your sim from city to city, although you can have 3 different sims at a time, each in his or her own city. If you make a mistake, you can delete your sim again, but be warned that once you do that, you can't delete another sim made in that same city for 7 days. This keeps you from just continually making and deleting sims in one particular city.

If you don't have friends on line, just choose a city at random. You'll find fun houses and friendly people in every city available.

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