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The Sims Online:
Building a House vs Being a Roommate

It's very, very tempting to just start building a house as soon as you enter your Sim world. There are empty lots all over each city that cost around $3000 (you start with $10,000) - and you can save up to buy beachfront property for around $11,000. Still, I highly recommend you wait a few days and learn more about the game before buying up land.

The reason is that your house does MUCH better if you have roommates. So if you become a roommate for an existing house, they've already gone through the expense of building everything. You can spend all your $10,000 on fun items for the house. And if you still want to build your own house, after a few days you might know some people who would be willing to join in with you and pool your money. If you just go it alone immediately, and spend the $3,000 on the land, that only leaves you $7,000 to build the house and decorate - and that money goes quickly.

Your beginning lot is very small, but you can make it larger by using the house tool. You can keep making your lot larger and larger - but you need more and more roommates to do so without a financial penalty. Again, another great reason for having roommates!

When you have roommates, it means your house is on line more often - because the house is on while any roommate is on line. The more on line time, the more visitors you get, meaning the more money you get from visitors. Roommates have full ability to customize the house and move things around - although only the owner of a given object can actually delete it from the map.

Note that you don't have to do either. You can just roam around the game, hanging out in other peoples' houses. Most people gladly let you hang out and use their showers, bathrooms, beds and so on in return for you keeping their house occupied. They get a kickback for any money-making objects you use, and also get credit in general for you being in their house.

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