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The Sims Online:
Using a Pizza Machine

This is a really fun machine, and takes 4 people to operate. It also costs around $25,000 so it's not something that most homes can afford. Head out to a home that does have one, and start raking in the cash!

You need 2 people with high cooking skill, one with high body skill and one with high charisma skill to get the most cash. Anyone can really use it, but the higher your skills in the right areas, the more money everyone makes from the resulting pizzas.

Each person gets 3 ingredients put in front of them, and each ingredient comes in small, medium or large. The ingredients can be dough, sauce, cheese, pepperoni or anchovies. Your aim is to make a pizza with each person putting in one of their ingredients. You want to try to get everything to match in size.

Since you can't see each other's trays, you all have to communicate what you have. People do this by calling out a shorthand of what is in front of them. If you see a small cheese, large dough, and medium sauce you would say:

sc ld ms

Each person does this, and then someone decides that there is enough for everyone to make a large. If two people put in the same thing (i.e. two people both put in a large dough) that's OK. But if everyone puts in different sizes, the pizza burns. So you can create a pizza with:

small cheese, small dough, small sauce, small pepperoni
medium dough, medium cheese, medium sauce, medium anchovies
large dough, large sauce, large cheese, large cheese

And so on. You do need dough, sauce and cheese for a pizza. The fourth doesn't matter as long as it's the same size. Note that you can NOT have say 2 small doughs add up to a medium dough! They have to be the same size. The exception that I've found is with cheese - if you do all smalls and add in a medium cheese, it seems to work fine and make an extra-cheese pizza.

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