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Hunger is probably the most understandable sim need. Your sim needs food occasionally. If you have your own home, just use a refrigerator and stove/microwave to make yourself some food. A cooking skill makes food that you really enjoy, but even those without cooking skill can manage something edible.

Many houses out there offer free food either by making plates for you or providing a buffet that you just walk up to. Check the buffet first by clicking on it to see if you will be charged for a plate of food. Some people charge money for buffets to get themselves some cash, while others in essence absorb the $10/plate cost of the buffet table and give it to you for free. If you look around, you should be able to find a free buffet table if you're low on cash.

If the buffet table in a place you're at is empty, make a nice request to have it filled. Remember, buffet tables cost people money, so someone is paying for that food. Don't make demands or you might not get any!

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