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Super Mario Sunshine Walkthrough
Landing at the Airstrip

After a lovely flight with an in-flight movie, you land on the landing strip. It's covered with goo! Run + jump over to far end, get water gun from Gadd Sciences. It's name is FLUDD.

Use R to shoot water. Press down to use control stick to aim. X to switch to hover mode. Fill in water with R.

Wash all of this area off. When you shoot the center of the goo enough, a plant will come out. The Y button targets. Destroy for first Shine Sprite.

You're found guilty of the mess on the island and charged to clean up the entire island. You must also find the shine sprites. The island starts out dark - it will light up as you find the sprites. First, go straight and right. Shoot the center of slime - eventually it turns into a plant. Now shoot the plant - kill it, statue comes up. Shadow Mario up on top of it. He steals the princess.

Super Mario Sunshine Walkthrough

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