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Super Mario Sunshine Walkthrough
Blue Coins in Central Area

* Erase X on statue that appears by beach at beginning of game. Coin appears behind jailhouse
* Erase X behind jailhouse, coin appears by statue on beach
* Go behind the jailhouse and jump up into the window. Walk in to center
* Go on roof near blue trader and overpass area. Spray red M for coin

* Bringing 3 pineapples to basket lady L of center when facing dolphin fountain
* Bringing 3 bananas to basket lady
* Bringing 3 spiky fruits to basket lady - kick across canal, kick into basket
* Swim/boat to the island near the canal entrance. Shoot down 3 coconuts, get into the basket and throw/drop them.

* Left of pineapple basket lady by waterfall, break crate to see red M on wall. Wash for coin.
* From the coconut island, go into the manhole and take all rights to get a coin

* After you get a few shines, a guy on fire will appear in town. Put him out for a blue coin.
* After you get Yoshi, take him behind police station (jump on awning then across roofs) to get rid of yellow paint

* With turbo nozzel enabled, go to far left of beach (when facing ocean) and swim to pillars, blue coin is behind doors

* Take yoshi up on awning by dolphin fountain, then up around roofs to thick paint on wall. Wash away with his juice to get blue coin.

* blue coin in top right another under water in middle plaza in sewers

Tip from Anders:
There is blue birds in the Central Delfino Plaza area, shoot them to get blue coins. We've found about 3.

Super Mario Sunshine Walkthrough

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