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Super Mario Sunshine Walkthrough
Shine Sprites in Central Area

* Initial plant in airstrip area, when you first land.
* Spray beach by lighthouse to reveal a star. Now jump out to end of pier to get sprite
* Guy on roof by weathervane wants coin. Spin it for a coin. He'll toss you into a building with a shine

* Break in door by beach with turbo nozzel enabled
* Break in police station door with turbo nozzel enabled for special course, do belly slide to win and get shine
* With rocket nozzel enabled, go to bell and clean it. Then go to nearby roof and in sewers to get shine
* With rocket nozzel enabled, go to bell and clean it. Then jump on roof and jump from there to get it
* With rocket nozzel enabled, go to top of lighthouse, rocket up, then stomp down
* With rocket nozzel enabled, go behind giant shine, clean off big shine in tower. Rocket up to top of shine then rocket straight up to get shine.

Tip from Ember
Near the light house in the plaza, there's a bunch of islands sticking out. Jump to the tube at the top to reach a sliding game to get a shine. Also, swim near the bottom of these islands and you'll find a small area which you can turbo into and get a blue coin.

Tip from Anthony and Becka:
If you go out to the island where the guy with the campfire is there is a Yellow bird flying around spray it until it becomes a shine spirit then jump out to it on the little islands by the lighthouse.

Tip from Dan:
Enter an open door into a room where a man will ask you to smash all of the boxes for a prize. Smash them all in 20 seconds, and get a Shine. You can do this one TWICE! Go in a second time and do it again. Its a lot tougher the second time with more boxes and they are stacked higher.

(This door is on the opposite side of the canal between the umbrellas)

Super Mario Sunshine Walkthrough

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