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Super Mario Sunshine Walkthrough
Sirena Beach Episode 2:
The Hotel Lobby's Secret

Jump and spray to make the white ghosts appear. Blast the pink ones to freeze to go up. There are 3 floors of ghosts. When you get to the top, fly into swirly hole in ghost for puzzle.

Break first overhead block with head for one-up. Now break one after watermelon to get up. Run and jump onto flying pink thing. Run jump on sand to pink thing, run jump again. Now wall jump up and break bricks just on one side to get on top. Always jump inside first so if you miss you don't go far.

Now follow sandy blocks around. Mushroom under last watermelon. Blow up 2nd watermelon in to get over to spinny green wheel. it'll move and turn slowly just walk onto the top as it goes. Do side view for walk. Have to jump off when it nears the blocks. Switch to front view here. Watch for hole in middle and jump over to shine!

Super Mario Sunshine Walkthrough

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