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Super Mario Sunshine Walkthrough
Sirena Beach
Blue Coins in Sirena Beach

* Lvl 3, 3rd floor. Blue coin in lamp when you spray it.
* Lvl 3, 2nd floor. Now spray posters on wall to get blue coin.
* Lvl 4, blue coin in flower bed
* Lvl 4, blue coin in 2nd flame from left
* Lvl 4, blue coin on 2nd level of casino, on ledge on back.
* Lvl 4, blue coin from sign by beach loungers by 2 kids
* Lvl 4, blue coin in far right of water when facing beach
* Lvl 4, blue coin in ghost in attic
* Lvl 4, blue coin at end of path
* Lvl 4, blue coin in crates on 1st floor, down in floor.
* Lvl 4, Another through the hole where ghost was.

* Lvl 7, Triangle on second floor wall matches blue coin down by bar on first floor. For first floor one wall jump up middle pole to get up to 2nd floor. Blast him until he falls down and then grab him.

* Lvl 7, blue coin first room on left
* Lvl 7, 3rd floor above staircase red M blue coin

Super Mario Sunshine Walkthrough

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