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Super Mario Sunshine Walkthrough
Sirena Beach Episode 3:
Mysterious Hotel Delfino

Yoshi wants a pineapple. Go into the bathroom into the left side, and jump up to get into the bathtub. Now go into the bedroom and jump on the bed to get to level 3. Doors work now. Not much on 3rd floor. Blue coin in lamp when you spray it. OK back to 2nd level.

Spray painting until you get a ghost. Jump through the painting to the next room. In this room spray the boards on the wall to spin them until they make a ghost shape. They'll open up. Now in bathtub room . Turn ghosts into ledges and go up.

Now spray posters on wall to get blue coin. Back in first room go down into coin area with boxes. Pineapple in box. Go up to 3rd floor with him on stairs and through door with 2 kids. Go up to attic and now you have to find where to floor-pound to get down to the shine.

Just eat the ghosts. Go towards light, then it's on the far left. Work your way around to it. Floor pound the marked tile and get the shine!

Super Mario Sunshine Walkthrough

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