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Super Mario Sunshine Walkthrough
Noki Bay Episode 6:
The Shell's Secret

Now there's a big shell in middle - O over on right wall. Ties to blue coin over by house, and visa versa.

There's a trail of coins down into water - blue coin in middle of trail. Mushroom over to side.

Get over to shell. Go into shell for obstacle course. Red button is out on red platform. Push in nail for extra life first.

Pretty easy things go slow. First, wall jump up, easy because they don't slide all the way in. You can't get pushed off.

Go up pipe, on rope, do big jump at end to get up. Wall jump up to next block. Now wall jump on far wall - if fall, just fall to lower area.

Race corkscrew across fast turning log then mushroom and go up spinning tower. Now an angled spinny log. Shiny is at top.

Here's another description from another time we played it, if it helps:

First one right there. Second one backflip and hover from 2nd platform. 3rd backflip from top of pole. Now up steep incline. One on end board at top. Now up 2 platforms and backflip for that one. Go up to top and get 7th coin. Across rotating for last one.

Super Mario Sunshine Walkthrough

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