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Super Mario Sunshine Walkthrough
Pianta Village Episode 3:
The Goopy Inferno

There's a blue coin in pointy grass to left by tree.

You're aiming for the yellow mushroom in middle with mayor on it. Be careful of lava - usually you can't get out.

Go along left side. Any of 4 holes on left. go to wall. Pound it to ride it then get off quickly. Now wall jump up to get out. Go to bridge and hang on edge, and get to the square boxy area. Now jump across to opposite area with golden mushroom. Can do it from edge of bridge.

Now up levels. Get pack!! Right below mushroom . Now flip jump up and talk to Mayor. Get the shine.

M by pack has blue coin.

M on green structure with mushroom on top by lake. blue coin.

blue coin from putting out guy that's on fire over to right.

blue coin in lava by 3 mushrooms in little fenced in areas

M under bridge - blue coin

can shoot down fire birds for lots of coins, one up and then they die.

2 triangles - one on long wall other by tree long palm tree. Very easy going from palm tree.

Super Mario Sunshine Walkthrough

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