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Super Mario Sunshine Walkthrough
Pianta Village Episode 5:
The Secret of the Village Underside

Get Yoshi a fruit from the fruit tree nearby. Now cross bridge and follow coin trail down. Jump across the various mushrooms. One-up over to side near tree trunk. Must be off Yoshi to get it.

Get to end 2 mushrooms with free guys on them. Now on course with "chucksters". They chuck you over their shoulders so make sure you approach them the right way. At very first guy stand opposite up arrow to go up for free life. Now forward. Get chucked. Next one, big one from back or little one from front. Now orange one.

Next guy throw up into area with ledges all around. Saves you.

Now blue guy. Straight across.

Now choices left or right. Throw left. shine!

Tip from Emmanuel:
Spray all of them in 60 seconds. You will get a shine sprite and a big button will appear. Hit it then 100 coins will appear. Get all of them in 3 min then you will get another shine sprite.

Super Mario Sunshine Walkthrough

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