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Super Mario Sunshine Walkthrough
Movement, Jumps, Spins

The moves in Super Mario Sunshine build off of every other Mario game. Plus, because there are different nozzels for his watergun, the moves get even more interesting!

Regular Jump: The A button is your all-purpose JUMP button. Hit it once to jump up off the ground, or up out of the water. You'll find that you use the HOVER button of your watergun much more, because it's so much more handy, but there are times you still have to jump.

Double and Triple Jump: If you hit A just as you hit the ground from a regular jump, you'll go into a double and then a triple jump for great height. After the 3rd jump you just go back to a regular jump.

Wall Jumps: This technique is key for several areas. You have to jump up against a wall, then jump OFF that wall. If there are two walls near each other (facing each other), you can in essence jump from one wall to another, all the way up to the roof.

Spin Jumps: Get Mario spinning in a tight circle by whirling around the control stick. Then hit JUMP for him to launch up into a spinning hi jump!

Sprinkler Mode: While we're on spinning, if you get him spinning and then TAP the water-shoot button (Z), he'll turn into a water sprinkler! You have to just tap it lightly to do this.

Super Mario Sunshine Walkthrough

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