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Splinter Cell Walkthrough:
Presidential Palace: Nov 12 2004
Getting To the Elevator

You're doing a HALO jump. Call from your daughter.

This is the Super Mario level. You do a lot of jumping. Go close to the wall and be against the right pillar. Wall jump up to the pillar. Go across. Drop down slowly 3 times to the ground. Now walk over and climb up. Now there's a pipe overhead - wall jump up to it. Climb up the pipe. Jump and grab to the right and climb up on block. Jump up to cross pole and go right across. Drop down onto pillar. Jump up to lower pole. Go across it to the right (as bells gong) and drop down there onto ledge. Go around corner on ledge. Drop right so you catch the ledge of the block. Get onto the block. Do a run-jump to the next area and catch on the ledge. Another run jump to lower grassy ledge.

Now hang off edge of this and go on hands along grassy area to other side of stone. Pull up and checkpoint.

Climb up the pipe. "Avtandil - clean up after your dog." stop at the end of the pole and look around. Lots of guards and dogs. 2 each plus spotlight guard. Let the two near you go left then run right. Hide there - snipe the spotlight guard first. If the guards get close to you, drop off the edge and hang until they leave. Shoot guard in far corner below light - then shoot the dog. Can actually shoot dogs anywhere, nobody notices their bodies. Now move along and kill the other two. Shoot guard outside of search light range, or just ignore him and only kill the dog. You can negotiate around the guard's path.

Move along into hedge area. 2 guys in hedge area. Use your thermal vision to sneak around onone guy. Data stick - garden gate combination 2126. Move guard into dark corner. Now move up and shoot 2nd guard before using code. Grab the second guard and put him into a dark spot. Run to the left side and go into the trellice rectangle - slide through it - checkpoint.

Medkit and lockpick in first area. Now go up the stairs. Go to desk - another medkit. Go to doorway. Big room with lasers on side walls. Stay in center of room. Right door is very protected by alarms - go straight ahead. Pick the lock and enter. Only a pick in here. Now when you go out - bad guys are in outer room. Hmmmmmmm.

Shoot guard on left in dark area. Get second guy that finds him. Now third guard and fourth. Put all the bodies into your entry room so they're in the dark. Now go through the side door and to the foot of the stairs. Note there are 3 alarm triggers by the foot of the stairs. Go onto the radiator and then up to the ledge above. Now jump over first then near the top jump up to railing. Go along top area to checkpoint.

Now clock. At door, "special forces". 2 guards at your level and 2 below. These guards have helmets. Shoot them in the eye to kill them. Datastick - Cristavi must be friendly to Tanahill. Carry them to dark corner. Other datastick - combo to lock. Lightswitch at top to turn off lights. Use the keypad - 70021. Enter - checkpoint.

Stay to the right. Long corridor going away from you with lit display cases. Wait to shoot first guard on left when other 3 are far away. Take second guard out when he checks on first one. Now take out other 2. datastick - Cristavi is letting Nikoladze into the palace. Ark is 'dirty bomb' or something else.

Go to second corridor on left. Camera - time it to avoid front of it. run to door on left. pick it. Checkpoint.

Squat down and see 2 high and set of low lasers that blink. When the lower ones go out, run across. Stand up. Now 4 - middle 2 blink out. Jump through when they do. Now by a fishtank. Hear talking. Shoot guy with hat. datastick - he's feeding info to the CIA.

Now open next door. Big table. Medkit. Learn the ark is a suitcase bomb. Computer - datastick - library code is 66768.

Run back through all the lasers again and head back past the camera again. Now go to end of hall. Another guy appears at end of the hall - kill him. Sneak past camera. checkpoint.

Big central room - keypad door. 66768. Shoot out the light to take it out. Grab the ammo and medkit. Note you might want to hold off on ammo if you have over 30 rounds until you finish this section. Now head into central room and take out the guards there.

Be patient - it's hard to get them to stand still and shoot their eyeballs. You can use a camera to lure them over and then gas them. Note this destroys the camera. Get frag grenade from body. Put bodies in dark.

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