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Splinter Cell Walkthrough:
Saving Ivan

Talk to the programmers you just saved. They tell you the keycode is 33575, and that you only have 2:30 to get to disarm the bomb. 2 soldiers run in around now, shoot them both.

Go out there's a door with a medkit across from library. Run through the first mine. Then walk through several other rooms with mines. Go towards the archives, taking a right at the fire. Use the back door to the right. You come out at the end by an Archives door. Pick the lock - under timed pressure - having to get all six pins.

The bomb is through the fire. Go over the tops of the shelves to get past the fire. Disarm it.

Now someone's thrown a breaker on the fire door. You must find the breaker. Head out and left. There are 2 guys by the stairs. Go behind the auditorium. You hear a call for backup. Three guys come running - stay back and shoot them one at a time. You find a data stick scolding someone for sending unencrypted email.

Head down into the back room. You find a medkit at the end by the dials. You also find a grenade and ammo. Hit the switch. checkpoint. Head back up into the main room. A new guard appears, shoot him. He has a note on him, that the door code is 1250.

Head out into the lobby with waterfall-logo. Go up the stairs. You find a frag grenade. Kill the 3 guys in this area first. There are 2 medkits in the hospital area to the right side. You find a guy in pain in the room with blinds. Take him across to the infirmary. He says thank you. He tells you your guy is on the 5th floor.

Go along to the server room with the sign. There's a guy in there. Go around to the back, grab him, knock him out. data stick - no trace of "ark". Use the computer - fire doors down, you get warned that now Russians can get to Ivan too. Checkpoint.

"Leave Ivan to the FBI. Get his encryption key." Go up the stairs. You hear 2 guys arguing. Shoot them. Head past fire through the door on the right. It's a bathroom. Go up in the grate. In next bathroom, shoot guy with gun, go down and get data stick - it says "don't trust anybody".

You find Ivan, he's worried. He was on the phone with a woman. You want the key, he complains that wasn't the deal. Now you hear Russians are on the top floor, you have to get rid of them before extraction. Out and right.

Go in the elevator and up. Loading. Head up and shoot the guards. A data stick says to be more careful. Get to the room with boxes, jump up to ceiling area. There's a medkit in the next room by a red ladder. Now find 2 guys talking - they split up. Frag the far one and shootthe near one. Get ammo and grenades. medkit on wall. save.

You'll fight your way through many rooms. The next room has 3 guys. You can lob grenades in if you want. The next room has a forklift. Around the corner are 2 medkits. another frag grenade nearby. checkpoint.

Turn left, up stairs. There's a guy high in front, one low in front, one low left. Take them all out. There are wooden stairs in back - room with nothing in it. now check point. There's ammo on the wood stack. There are 3 guys down the hall. You can fling a hand grenade down, usually have to lure the ones left to you to shoot them.

There's ammo in the room to the right. Head down the hall and in the left room. Go slowly and quietly - there are wall mines. Shoot the guy by the door and go through. checkpoint.

There are 3 guys in the next area. Head up the stairs. Hang down from the edge and go down. You'll see a video of Junior being killed. Shoot the guys here, then climb up on boxes to the red thing. Leave and you'll see a video of Junior dying.

Now your group has traced the data stream to a nuclear power plant in the Kola peninsula of northern Russia. You think Kombayn Nikoladze is there.

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