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Splinter Cell Walkthrough:
Mouke Tsoe Bo meats, Yangon Myanmar: Nov 11 2004
Getting To the Stables

You must prevent executions of captured American soldiers. "Are we worrying about the broadcasts or the murders?" Your mission - take out antennae on roof.

Shoot 3 guards. You find a data stick on which amaliya asks david not to be part of the executions. Now cross the open area to a door. This is an empty locker room with a medkit. There's a computer - data stick - helicopter plan for N's extraction. Shoot out the 2 lights in room. Now open door. checkpoint. Be sure you know that you have both night vision AND thermal vision in your goggles, this comes in very handy.

Also, be sure to avoid alarms and hide bodies throughout this mission. It's critical in order for you to finish it properly.

A guard comes. You hear the "Landmines in place" message. Shoot the guards up on the balconies. You get a datastick on a guard in the courtyard. "No door codes sent via email any more". he he he.

So one guard to the right, one up on the light ledge to right, one across on catwalk. Now go up on boxes and cross mine field. Be sure to avoid all strobe lights, watch their patterns carefully. Get to the end with the dumpsters and get the medkit. When you're in the dumpster room there are two - one with a spotlight on it and one without. Get up on the dumpster with the spotlight on it. Face the wall that the other dumpster is on. You should see a hole in the wall up above you. You want to wall jump up on the wall to your right, then ahead to the hole. Checkpoint.

Now up by skylight. went very slowly across roof - got under stairs. Guys came out after me because they hear you. You shoot them quickly. Antennae right at corner - big white tower. See video with them wanting to repair it now. checkpoint. Lambert tells you to find the hostages.

Guy comes out of door - shoot him first. Second one comes out with medkit. Isn't that nice of him! Dead guy on end of this balcony (you shot him earlier) - medkit too.

Pick lock. Down stairs. Disable wall mine in lower area, data stick from computer, 2 wall mines and frag grenade on table. Stick - Don't trust Feirong.

Go over to door and down stairs. Open door 'we have Nikoladze on board' - Go in and throw down frag grenade. Shoot anyone left. Now jump up to metal i-beam and go across to back of bathroom. Land on the guard in the back. Take out the other 2 guards and put them into a dark corner. Turn out the lights and pick up the medkit to the left of the door. Computer to the right has a data stick - N wants rehearsal.

now out and into hall. "Kill the American soldiers". Go left through door. "I want them prepped". Go around corner to door and sneak up on guy sitting at chair. Grab him. He says the hostages are in the basement. Computer has data stick - "Believe in this, Zurab." Ammo to right of computer on floor. Now out and down in hole in floor. Go along dark corridor, checkpoint.

Go to end of tunnel and up pipe. Come out beneath the floor. Go along until you find a hole in the floor - throw in a grenade. Use thermal vision to see the results. Hop down and get a frag grenade and a data stick from a body. Leo asks if the cell has dissolved completely. Guy that comes around the corner has a medkit on him. Go around the corner, checkpoint.

Use thermal vision in the next room for best vision. One guard in this room, one around to the left in the next room. Now go into hall with cow-parts and wait for the guard in the next area to go away. He might throw grenades at you but he won't come into this area. There are 2 in the first area, 3 in the second.

Go around to the ceiling pipe and get up onto it. Go all the way across on that pipe to the end area. Get behind the turret and deactivate it. Grab the medkit on the desk. Go out. Checkpoint.

Shoot the guy through the hanging plastic. Wait for second to calm down, then shoot him too, and his friend. Go around to hole in floor on left. checkpoint.

come out of the hole at the top of some stairs. There's a medkit there to pick up. You can look down through windows on a lower area. Shoot out the lights. Shoot the guard that comes. Go down and to the right, hit the switch, the middle door opens. Go in the door - loading. checkpoint.

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