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Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow Walkthrough
US Embassy to Dili - Infiltrate the Embassy

You start by watching surveillance on a big house. You hear them say "pandora tomorrow". Next you watch as various operations go into action. It ends with a guy being captured.

Now you're in controll. You start out with Sam Fisher (i.e. you) being locked up. You have to pick the lock. Move the thumbstick around until it buzzes, then hold it there until it releases. You're told there is a problem in East Timor.

Your task is to infiltrate the embassy. First, walk forward and use Y to jump up. Go forward a bit and right to the ladder, climb up it. Jump to the zip line (thin cable overhead) and take it down. Go up to the pipe and along to the left to the house. Bring up your legs as you get close in. Drop down when you're there.

Go to the right and around to a door. Open it. There's a door within to the right, lock pick it. Go in and up the pipe.

Turn on your night vision. Find the hole in the floor on the left and jump down in it.

Now you meet DP Brunton, a consultant with an update. This is non-lethal so you cannot set off ANY alarms nor can you endanger the hostages. You must "walk softly".

Go out and down the stairs. In a crouch, go forward and under the proch to the left. You end up at stairs.


OK, now head across and down the stairs. You're told to put your back to the wall. Go along the fence that way. At the end, you're told to do a "SWAT turn" (i.e. spin past the opening quickly).

Now you're told to shoot out the light. Peek around the corner, draw your pistol, aim it and fire. Note the guard will be worried about this - but he won't find you. Don't panic at the scary music, just stay still.

The guard will now sit on a box. Sneak up behind him, grab him then drag him back to the dark corner. Knock him out

Head out and forward.


Now you're told to put on your thermal goggles. You'll see spots on the ground where the land mines are. Go to the porch side instead, and climb up. Note if you want you can go under the porch instead. Go along and right, to the box. Go on the box then jump up to the ledge to cross the second set of mines. Drop down.

Head into the thin alley. Do the split jump to stand up in the alley, then go up again to get to the upper level.

You're in a little room with chairs. Go out the other side for a CHECK POINT.

Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow Walkthrough

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