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Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow Walkthrough
Saulnier Cryogenics Lab - Getting To the Computer

You're now in Paris, France. You hear World News Media about Delta forces rescuing hostages, that all but one were accounted for. Apparently your friend got away!

You start in a tunnel, so go down a tube ahead of you. Creep forward to the corner. This is a subway train area. You can see a guard around the corner. He walks up to the box then back towards the blue train. Grab him on his towards-train walk and knock him out back around the corner.

Now go up to the train. There are 2 guards at the other end. Here you have to take out the lights as you slowly creep down. That includes the lights IN the train. You can go in the train and get on the pipes in there, and drop down on a guard. Alternately, you can just shoot both. Either way, head forward through brick rooms with flames in them.

Soon you're in a giant room full of flames. Shoot the wheels off the overhead pipes to put out the flames. Go through to shelves. "Good, you're in," your buddies say.

Head through the door. The next room has a bad guy in it. Go right after the first aisle and sneak through the hole at the end of the 2nd aisle. Grab the guy and knock him out. The blue computer here is useless. Turn off the light and look through the door with the optic cable to determine the 2 guards in there.

In this next room there are 3 computers. When they guards are walking away, shoot out the lights from the doorway. Then time it to grab the guy near you first. Data stick on one guy. The stick has a message to Ashad about 'we've already taken his money', sent from Fares.

There are no usable computers here. Pick the lock to get out of this room. Now you're in a room with coat hangers and medkit.


Open the door and wait for the "you stay here" line (a la Monty Python?). Start shooting out some lights. Grab one guy and drag him into the closet. Now the other guy sometimes goes through opposite door and back again. Get into the dark corner when he does and wait for his return.

When he's knocked out, you get another data stick. It says "We don't need trucks - no coolers." and was sent to Ash from Mortified Penguin.

Go into the morgue and left into a hall area. Shoot the guards in the computer room. Shoot out the lights past the door in the hallway to the right, to prepare for the next part. Also pick the lock on the 2nd door on left, with triangle lightning bolt on door.

OK, back to the computer room. It's the computer in the back corner that matters. Don't touch it yet - gather up ammo and such first, and put the bodies in the dark. When you are completely ready, use the computer.

You learn that mortified penguin was looking for frozen dead men.


Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow Walkthrough

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