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Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow Walkthrough
Saulnier Cryogenics Lab - Getting To the Brains

When you use the computer, you are told that the bad guys remote triggered a bomb timer, with only 1:30 on it. That's why you did the prep-work before. Go down hall and let the 2 guards leave the area before sneaking in 2nd room to left. Disable the bomb, then grab the 2 guys and drop the bodies in the room.


Looking up the stairs, you can see a red motion detector. Shoot out the lights and go up slowly. Get to the landing and go up the rest of the way without shooting the lights out. The wall says -1. Open the door - there are 3 guards around the corner to the left here.

There's a little closet with health and medical shelving on the left. Keep taking out lights and going forward. There's a motion sensor red light on the left past this door. Go through door at the end on the right. Shoot out the light above and go forward

You hear, "I found a guard on security cameras. Label on monitor says "body processing room" " Look through the door on the left - you see two guards. Go in and shoot out the lights.

Now go to the opposite room - there are computers in here. Take out the guards here. There's a computer in the back corner. "client storage database". You find that there were 8 clients that Mortified Penguin pulled up in detail. Apparently all were cheapskates, with economy tickets. Just their brains were frozen, and stored in a ND133 container. You're told, "find us some French brains"

You get to a door and need a code. You got a code from a datastick - the code is 2457.


Now you're in a medical room with a machine that a dead body is set up to slide into. There's a guard on rounds. Grab him and drop him in a corner. Now move slowly with your gun out. There's a motion detector set up facing the door so you have to go slow. Head along ot the right, then left to get to the stairs. At the stairway, shoot out the lights. Keep going up the stairs and you'll see a motion detector. There's a camera up here too. Go beneath it and shoot out the next set of lights up the stairs. Head up.

Now you're in a room with a curved skylight ceiling. There are guards in here so go cautiously. The guards walk long loops where they're out of sight for a while. You can take them out now or dodge them. Heading right, you find another keypad down the hall - the old code doesn't work. Wait for guard to come down and grab him. You get the password - 7562. At this point get other guard too, any way you want.

Now you can get in with the keypad. You see the brains.

Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow Walkthrough

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