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Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow Walkthrough
Hesperia Railways - Getting Off the Train

Soth asks, "Who are you?" You get his trust. He says this is an agency job - he was part of the plan. His runner is Clifton Finch. You ask about the cryogenics lab but then there is a "phone call"

He goes out. You're told to hack laptop and laser-mic the call. You have to be alert here, you don't have a lot of time. First off, you have 20 seconds to get the laptop, that should be super-quick. When you do, you then have 45 seconds to chase down Soth. You can't hear him through the door, so you have to shoot out the light, go through the door and left into the dark corner. There are two guards but they won't see you.

Laser-mic him and you can hear everything. "bad feeling not safe to talk" When he's done, you're told you did good work. You worry about the "Custard would be proud". Your friends tell you to get topside.

Hide and wait for the 2 guys to leave. Head forward for a ...


Now sneak up on the remaining guard and take him out. A data stick has a message from Elias to Mustafa. Apparently Elias doesn't trust the ND133 and is talking about nasty infections from the box.

Go forward up the ladder and see the Osprey. Run fast towards the hanging rope and end.

Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow Walkthrough

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