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Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow Walkthrough
Guela District - Getting To Dahlia Tal

You're now trying to track down the biological agent, and need to talk to Dahlia Tal. First, there's a contact up ahead. Walk forward and talk to the person. There's a curfew in place, and your contact is probably Mosad. Talk a few times to get all the information.

You're now seeking your weapon, a SC-20K. Go past 2 wall grates to the stairs up. Note that you do have a map of the area in your PDA and you are starting at the two arrows on the map. You can zoom in on the map if you need to. Go up the stairs avoiding the light. There's a guard ahead by the grate. Now go left down the alley. Do a SWAT turn past the lit doorway. Go beneath the window with the gridded light.

Now go to the right and behind the boxes. When the guard passes, go down the short stairs and left. You'll now reach the half circle shown on the map. Shoot out the swinging light opposite the half circle and go down that path. You'll see several people ahead talking. They sit on boxes - creep along behind them. Then go along the left wall to where there's a lit window. Press against the wall and do a spin around left down the stairs.

"You cannot stay here" says a guard. Shoot out little light in the entryway and then the next one. Knock out the guy here. Now go around the boxes to a path to the right. There's another light in the right. Take long way around to stay in the dark. Time going through the lit area so the guard doesn't see you.


Go down in the shop to find there are 2 guys are holding up Saul. "We just want the guns and the money, Saul"

Shoot one guy from the stairway where you're safe. Now shoot out the light by the second guy holding Saul as a hostage. The bad guys are both in dark black. Save Saul - "Thank God you showed up!" He opens up a trap door - get the gun. There is ammo too. Nowit's time for Dahlia Tal, a Shin Bet agent. He knows a discreet place to test the gun. Follow him out. You have to avoid the guard again.


"People are tired and bored" ... wait for them to finish talking and go down stairs to right. Follow them. Go to the left when the light switches sides, and stay left at the circle of light. Go right down the alley and go up to the ledge.

Go across the zip line to the other side, and work around the corner. Drop down on a little roof. Advance to the corner - there's a little alley to the left. Go over to a pipe up to a roof area. Head forward and jump up to the higher level. At this point bells will ring. You reach a wire across the street.

Go down the wire - and you hear that Dalia is waiting by the church.


Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow Walkthrough

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