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Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow Walkthrough
Guela District - Getting To the Elevator

Go along the wall and talk to Dahlia through the fence. She says our guy was buying a biological weapon. The Syrians had the weapon for decade, but it was too dangerous to move. He gave them cash and a storage device in exchange for the weapon. She tells you to stay out of sight.

Go left along fence to opening.


Go down the dark center of the street slowly as she goes. She goes to an archway - run over to it. Shoot out lights as you go. She waits in the tunnel for you here. Stay in the alley and wait for a rabbi to turn around listen to "what are you doing on the streets?" When he turns - follow. While she talks to a guard, go past their backs and down the alley.

Now you're in a market area. Be sure to take out the lights again. Then go around the back side of it. Go down the stairs and run through the lights, using SWAT turns where appropriate.


Follow Dahlia to another stair area with a guard. The guard tries to walk her home - she knocks him out. Hide the body for her in the dark. She stops and waits for you. Talk to her "does this change our plan?" she says no. You ask about roofs. She points somewhere ahead.


Go along under the tunnel and knock out the guard. Take the drain pipe up to the bedroom, along to living room, sneak across the room while the residents watch TV and out the window. Go along the ledge, up to a drain pipe. Now climb up to a ledge by a stained glass window. Run from shadow to shadow up here. Soon you find a rappel spot at the end to go down. Watch the guards beneath you to time this.

"miss - excuse me" - and she talks to the guard, with some GREAT dialogue :) Grab the guard and knock him out in the shadows.

Find some knock-out rounds near the base of the stairs. go up the stairs, take out swinging light and go into the door. There are more rounds in the window ledges here. Head back to stair area and up. There is even more ammo up here.

When you're fully loaded, head back down the stairs and out to the kitchen room. Find Tahlia and talk to her in the kitchen area. NOTE - get your gun ready here. You either have to kill her here or, if you miss her, she'll be sniping at you later on. Get in the elevator and talk again. As you begin to go down, they say to kill her. Try shooting her now if you can. If you miss, no big deal. You'll get another chance.


Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow Walkthrough

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