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Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow Walkthrough
Refinery - Taking Out the Plane

You're told to trail / intercept Sadano's communications. Your old pal Douglas Shetland is local, doing a "ghost army" operation. This is a cool jungle location. You meet up with Shetland, he's doing psy ops - a distraction. Sadano's plane needs to be sabotaged.

Near Shetland is a stump - use it to rappel down.


Head towards the camp. There are two guards - they do rounds. One sits on a box every once in a while. Watch their rounds and when the guy by the car walks away, advance to the car and go around behind him. There's ammo in one of the tents. You can grab the guys, knock them out and tuck them into shadows.

Move on past the camp. You hear two more guards talking about drinking too much and having to defuse mines. Then BOOM one of them blows up. Go slowly. You can see the silver glint of a tripwire. Go around its edge and disable it if you wish. There'll be another tripwire shortly ahead. This whole section is just about walking slowly, looking for tripwires and avoiding them.


A guard comes at you, shoot him. Another guy comes out, take him too. Now you reach the enclosure where the plane is. You hear about "go doublecheck" and only one guard is left with the plane. Take him out, then go to the plane. "Good work, Fisher".

Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow Walkthrough

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