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Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow Walkthrough
Refinery - Getting Underground

A guard comes in at the nose of the plane, shoot him. A guard comes out with a dog. The dog lags behind sometimes then catches up. Let them do a lap and then take them out one by one. Work your way out along the fence, by the boxes and barrels. Peer around to see a guard in there. Knock out the guards, then go into the hut to get a medkit and ammo. Head forward into the tent area, getting ammo from the tents. When you've cleared out this area, slide down the rope.


"I'm inside the camp". You're told about the daily insurance call for Sadano. You have to trail him.

Let everyone leave this area. That leaves one guard on patrol. Shoot him when he's walking towards you for ease of aiming. If the second guy doesn't come out at this point, shoot near him to draw him out, then kill him and hide the body. Gather ammo from the huts.

Go along under the platform and towards the door, then through swinging fabric. You learn Sadano gives the code verbally, you have to listen in. You'll see the guys ahead. Shoot a camera near them and listen in. "1492" is the code. You learn the colonial home is where the phone call is made. When it's clear, shoot the guard outside the door. Run forward and drag him.

Go up in the house and hear "any risk is worth it ..." When you go in ...


Now you're in an underground area, a "dead signal hole". Go down to the door - you see a room with machines. "Is plane all right". Head across the front and around to the far door. Now you're in a shelving room. Sneak away along the wall. Get the guard on the wall when the other guy has his back turned, then shoot the second guard. Do NOT shoot guy by the door.

The two of you share code names.

keypad - 0623 - go out the door


Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow Walkthrough

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