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Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow Walkthrough
Komodo Shipyard - Infiltrate the Submarine

You learn that the call goes to a shipyard by Indonesia. You also see news briefs about Sadano fashion. Now it's time to infiltrate the submarine.


"just in position". There's a guard. When you walk forward, the birds will fly up. Don't get spooked. Avoid the automated red laser beam. Go along the edge to the turret controls. If you set IFF, it shoots the guard but sets on an alert. So while that's fun, it's better to just disable it.

Go down the aisle, watching for tripwires. A guy walks around out of your line of sight - shoot the light, then shoot the guard. Get into the dark and whistle to the next guard, draw him in. He walks to the wall and stops, shoot him.

Go into the buildling. In hallway there are new guards sitting at a card game. From out of sight shoot the light. Keep going.

Now you see a dogpound with gates. Go into the narrow alley past the dogs. Do a double jump then go up. Climb up to the upper level.


Below you is a guy watching TV. Drop down away from him and go into the hole. There's a guy outside doing target practice. When he's done and walks away, go straight into the shadow area. Go behind the guard at his chair and grab him. Now sneak along the left wall and into the door.


Open the elevator and go in. When it opes again head out. Go left to the switch and turn out the lights. A guard will come - cross to the opposite wall and shoot the guard. Go down to the control room with the lights and monitors. Sneak around the computer to the guard. Grab him and interrogate. Drag him to the green computer between the 2 chairs and you can use it. beeping noises.

Don't drop the guard!! Wait for the guards to call up. Now tell guy to answer (it does it for you). When you're set, bring him into the dark and knock him out. Go back out the way you came in.


Now go up the stairs. Go to the switch on the left of the door and turn off the lights. A guard comes out - shoot and hide him. Next, shoot the 2 guards that you can get to come with scary noises. Turn out the light in the elevator, go to the button by the elevator. Now it goes down. Guards will shoot at you. There's a guy down low right with a flashlight, then a guy up higher in a window. A third guy with a flashlight is to the right. Finally it stops.

Get off the elevator - you can go right to the room with a smoke grenade and ammo. Then head the other way, down stairs to the submarine entrance. There's a guard walking around down on this level, shoot him.

Go onto the submarine and down the hatch. Go to the opening.


Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow Walkthrough

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