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Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow Walkthrough
Komodo Shipyard - Exploring the Submarine

You can no longer kill people inside the submarine. 'Lie down a few minutes'. Go down the ladder. A guard comes out, then stops. He takes 2 steps, then stops and turns around. Knock him out and tuck his body in a corner.

Go forward through the smoke, moving slowly. Go through the door. Go right and forward to guy, then go past him. You'll see a hatch - go in.

Put your back to the wall here by the ladder, use a swat turn around the door. Use the switch object to turn off the lamp. Now go in right behind the wall. Go up behind the guard and hit him, or you can just leave him be! If you do grab him, put him in a dark spot.

OK, across and into the corner on the left back. A guard comes in and touches the dials. Grab him and bring him down the hall to the retinal scanner. Bring him in the door and knock him out.

You'll hear 'equipment too sensitive'. One guard goes out without seeing you. Go right go into back right corner nook and use the computer there.


Five numbers are associated with 'displace'. Go up the stairs. Now climb up a second ladder. Go to the walkway on the opposite side of the sub where you came in. You see the health kit. As you go towards it, a guard will come up the stairs. Shoot him. get health, frag grenades. smoke grenades, ammo.

OK, head down the stairs. They'll start shooting. Go back up, shoot the guards from up at the main catwalk area. Note that shooting the barrels is fun!

Wait for the flames to die out, then go down and across that area. At the lit part at the end, go down the stairs on the right and down the ladder to the waiting boat.

Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow Walkthrough

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