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Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow Walkthrough
Television Free Indonesia - Get Into the Station

This map area is shaped like the letter "S". The first room on the right has a red light in it. Shoot out the overhead light then go in across the dry area. You'll hear dripping water sounds - don't confuse those with footsteps. Wait and shoot the guard as he comes towards you. Make sure he is NEAR You because there's another guard out there that you want to get separately. When the first guard is hidden, lure the next guard. He'll come out, hide his body.

Shoot out the light overhead in the water area. Note there's a camera over the door to left in the next dry area. So when the light is out, shoot the camera. Now go through the dry area. Go right and forward and you'll see a ladder. Jump up to get to it, and climb up it.


"sniper in position. confirmed". This area has radar dishes in the center, with light spotlights going around. The sniper is watching from that center position. Your aim is to go to the opposite side and a bit left without being seen. Note that in addition to the spotlights there are also mines in the floor.

OK, start going right. Wait until the light goes away from you, then turn on your thermal vision, and run to hide behind the box. Next, do the same thing to run to behind the dish. For the 3rd and 4th runs, wait until the light passes you going away from you. this gives you more time to get to the shadow hiding spot.

OK, now have to go over the wall. Examine the mine layout and wait for the lights to leave. Then run and jump onto the fence and climb over. Go right to the door that has a lock. Pick it and you'll see a guy within. Shoot him - the light is already out. Do NOT turn it on by accident! There's a medkit in here. Tuck the guy outside the room in a corner. You'll find airfoil rounds and a flare too.

You learn that K is an agent. She was at the agency looking for Soth.

Go out and left, and jump up the wall using walljump to get to the roof. You see rappel spot but a glass window is there. Shoot out the glass and rappel down in. You'll hear voices.

Take out the guard, go in and right to the elevator.


Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow Walkthrough

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