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Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow Walkthrough
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Go in to the left. There are TWO guards here to pay attention to. One is a guard ahead of you and one is a shadow you see on the floor to the left. Go forward and wait for the shadow to turn around and leave. Then go straight across and open the door. Follow the guard as he goes forward. Go into the nook on the right and wall jump up to the vent. Creep along the vent.

At the auditorium, go out and get a bottle. Throw it very high into the top of the light stream. The guards go up into the other balcony. Go down and striaght behind the green curtain, making sure you're all the way through. Go through the center back wall when it's safe - watch through that door. There will be 2 doors ahead, one left, one right. A guard goes in the door to the right. Sneak to the door on the left and see the guy in there. Knock him out.

OK, now go back to the door on right. Shoot the guard, and the woman is in that room.

Now she leads you. She can be seen, but you can't. Head out the door, make a right to a double door. She'll open it and go ahead to guards. Knock out the light to sneak by them. Disable the turrets. A bathroom is here with a health kit if you need it. Follow her back around to the elevator spot where you came in. She can open the door there.

She says for you to go the other way. Ammo for rifle can be found here. She goes around one side, you go to the other side. You learn that her cover is blown and not to let her get killed. Now the guards question her, shoot them. More come, 4 or 5 guards total.

Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow Walkthrough

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