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Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow Walkthrough
Movement Information

This information is from the XBox version. However, the other systems are very similar - and there of course are a limited number of buttons on a given controller or keyboard. It shouldn't take you too many pokes to determine what the equivalent key is on your system.

Y - jump
YY - split jump in narrow alley
X - draw gun
B - crouch
A - interact / grab / open
black button - whistle (distraction)
Right thumbstick press - binoculars
left directional - night vision
right directional - thermal vision

Wall Moves
Left thumbstick press - press against wall
A - SWAT turn while against a wall
Left thumbstick move - peek around wall

Right thumbstick move - aim
Right trigger - fire

On a Pipe
Y - bring up legs
X - shoot
B - drop down

Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow Walkthrough

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