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Splinter Cell Chaos Theory Walkthrough
Lighthouse - Getting To the Tents

You hear about a blockade of ships in the area of Korea. Next, Bruce Morgenholt was captured by Peruvian separatists. You have to rescue him. We always went with stealth load-outs and aimed for complete stealth in our playing.

Walk along the beach with one light in the middle. To the left and behind the light is a path along the rocks. Squeeze through a little crawl space - you go up a few ledges and come out by a bridge. If you hurry you can pop up and hide in the dark behind the stalagmites. 2 guys come on the other side of the bridge. Wait for 1 guy to walk away. wait for the guy near you to look out to the ocean and interrogate him, knock him out and hide him.

Alternately, if you're quick you can make it completely across the bridge before the pair even get there - meaning you don't have to knock anybody out at this point. You have to go just to the left at the other side of the bridge.

Cross the bridge and go to the right. There are 2 curves and then a cross shaped room. If you didn't get across before both guys hit the bridge area, be sure to stay in a dark spot. Then grab the second guy in here by hiding in the barrels and grabbing him as he passes. Knock him out and hide the body.

Once the area is clear of guards, go scan the crates straight ahead of you on the right, just past the doors. You're told it matches and that you need to find all 5 now. There's a generator here - leave it alone. Go left down through the light and left. You can grab the guy as he goes past you towards the light. Another option is to go into the little room on the left without him seeing you - and scan the crate in there.

Now go up from the first cross room with the barrels, straight across and up 2 sets of stairs. If you didn't knock out the guard, be sure to avoid him. You hear the guy being tortured. There's really no use rushing, he is always going to die. Hang out on the 'ledge' between the waterfall and the lower path to the torture room.

Wait for the guy to come out past you. Then drop down and go near the room. Sneak over to the left in the dark when the guard turns on the radio. You find the body - cut it down. Go around the corner into the dark area. You go up short stairs and to a door - pick the lock.

Splinter Cell Chaos Theory Walkthrough

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