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Splinter Cell Chaos Theory Walkthrough
Pacific Ocean - Finding All the Crates

You go into the nearby room and get crates #2 in the bunks. Nothing is in here. Now go up the stairs. "Near the ship's office". Go right at the top. To the left, you'll hear voices. Go in the crawl space to the left side. Wait until they're done talking - sneak out behind the guy and interrogate him. Go back to the kitchen. Use the computer, nothing much there. In the next room is a guard. Look in the cabinet behind the guy. Nakariakov - code name for arms shipments. Grab and knock out the tech. The transit letter is there too, in the computer.

Back out in the hallway. Open the first door on the left. Computer - engine room note. back room - just a guard and med-kit. Head out of the room and forward. On left - tracking crate. Go up the stairs, and into the door on right - take a hallway to door on right. There are 2 guards are in here. If you're good you can grab them one at a time - if not, shoot them out. Next crate is in back tiled room. Keep going down the hall and go left when you hear the voices. Slide open the door - there are stairs up and down. Close the door then go up. At the top of the stairs is the crate.

Go out and right and straight to the stairs up at the end. You're now on the bridge. There are 2 people in here. Go to the back of the room and wait for them to talk. Then grab the guy in the front. Lacerda's in his cabin. "third deck, port side"

Take out the other guy too for good measure. Go back down to the last door by the stairs. Go right through the open door. Wait there and listen. Eventually he'll come over to the fridge. Grab him and drag him backwards to the little closet. Interrogate him. You have to kill him. Now go up the stairs to the bridge, out left door then right up the stairs. Go along to the back and down the ladder. There are 2 guards down there. Avoid them. Drop over the railing to the crate down there. Tag it and then go back up the ladder. Climb the second ladder to the left and now you can extract.

You'll get 100% unless you kill the kitchen guards, in which case you'll have 96%.

Splinter Cell Chaos Theory Walkthrough

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