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Splinter Cell Chaos Theory Walkthrough
Bank - Getting To Three Guards

Re-take out the camera outside and go out the other door. now go forward to the lit hallway. up the stairs. "more lasers ahead"

The guard uniforms turn off the lasers. Wait for him to begin walking away from you and then follow right behind him. Grab him and put him behind the desk. Apply a fake email here. Now carry the guard's body with you to get past the lasers over to the hall at the end - now you reach an area with another set of lasers.

Wait for that guard to come towards you. When he goes the other way, follow behind him carrying the guard - then drop him in the next room where it's dark. You're in a kitchen - there's a health kit here. Wait for guard to start back towards the lasers and grab him.

Head down the hall, you see a room to the right with red drapes. There's a camera up high on the right. The next glass area is a security room. A guy comes out the door at the far end of the hall. Sneak past the glass room and around its far end. Go right in the room behind the guard that enters. They both sit down. Use the computer on the left to turn off the cameras. Do the 'enable access' on the switch right of the door. Now open the door to get out - the guards never even notice.

Go left out the door, shoot out the light to the right then go there and hack the keypad. This leads into an office. Close the door behind you. Don't bother to boot the computer up - there's nothing there. Pick the lock to the right. This is a big office - enable access on far back wall on the right. Then use the computer in here. 'half of the forged mail, Sam.'

The balcony overlooks a courtyard. Go back out, close the door. Head back out the main door, don't forget to shoot the light out again. Now head past the glass area towards the big window. At the end, turn left. Grab a guard to get past the laser grid, then continue through the second grid. Drop the guard at the end of the room here.

Now go down the stairs and head back to the bathroom. There's a crawl space at the end of the room. Go down it. This gets you in behind the optic light thing. Turn off the light then pick the lock on the right. Close the door behind you and sneak left. You see a janitor fixing a door. Wait for him. When he finishes he goes into the closet you came from. Knock him out just to be safe. Get the door code from him first.

Splinter Cell Chaos Theory Walkthrough

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