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Splinter Cell Chaos Theory Walkthrough
Manhattan - Getting To the Mag-Locks

Your task now is to determine who Dvorak is and how he's related to Zherkezhi. The lights go out completely in New York and Japan.

Grab a guard immediately, knock him out. 2 other guards drop a flare on the floor. Wait for the 2 guys to talk then shoot out the light. Wait and sneak by them. Sneak into the building - one guy is fixing the elevator, one guy is walking a beat. Go down the checkerboard hallway while they talk, head into a little storeroom with a flashbang grenade. Wait here for one guard to walk right to left past the door, then go right. Now go left at the end of the hallway, then left again and see the toolkit there. Hide in the "dark" corner by the toolbox and let a guard go to you and then turn around. Go along behind him to the elevator and call it. Go in and take it to the top.

You're on the roof now, sneak left and switch the object. Shoot out the light on the brick wall. Shoot out the next light on the metal wall. A guard comes over the bridge at you - wait for him to pass then go over the wall with the bridge, towards the neon light. Keep going towards it to the ladder - shoot out the neon lights first though. Then sneak up the ladder. Go behind the sign and down the wires behind it. "You've reached Zherkezhi's building"

Shoot out the 2 flood lights as you go across the ledge. Now you're into mercs. Go along behind the guard and grab him. You see in the inside area with a guy working on the elevator and a guard. Hide in the dark behind the table while they talk. Wait for the guard to walk to you and turn around - you have to grab him very quickly. The elevator guy is almost finished so you have to do it really quickly.

Now cut the material - go into the room and through the crawl space. You can see the elevator from here. Shoot out the light above it. You'll see a room with a blowing curtain and a camera you can't avoid. Walk quietly through the room on the wood - go into the back kitchen. There's a guy sleeping in front of a computer. interrogate him.

Use the computer - learn about a panic room. Go out the back door and pick the lock. A camera will be immediately to the right. It can see in the dark. Sneak up to the base of the camera, and tap it. You're told there should be 5 more. Wait for beam to go to the right then run up the stairs. There's a door on the right - this is your ultimate destination. You're told the door is mag-locked and you need the switch.

Splinter Cell Chaos Theory Walkthrough

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