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Splinter Cell Chaos Theory Walkthrough
Manhattan - Getting To Dvorak

You're told the locks are probably in the panic room. Head back to other door - open it stealthily. There's a guy listening on bed. Climb on the bed and grab him. Now grab the second guard. You get to a glass patio area - wait for the guard to leave and when the light is away, cross to the other side. Go beneath the camera and tap it.

Now stealthily open the next door - go through the first dining room area. You see a camera to the right and a guard to the left. Tap the camera to the right. now sneak over to the guard and slide left along the post to grab him. Drop him in the kitchen area.

For the camera on the far wall, run behind the tapestries and tap it. "Four of six". Go up the circular staircase. Now you see red lights. There's a camera on the back left wall. Wait for it to sweep out then go under and tap it. In the room use computer - the door is not magnetically locked any more.

Go down the hall. Go left into the back room with the floor lights, then right at the back cement hall. There are 2 guards in the last room with the last camera. Turn out the light in this hall and wait for them to stop talking. Then take them out one at a time. Run back out to the locked door. Now it opens. Save.

Grab the roof guy who is a tough guy in the interrogation. Note that the tile is quiet to walk on, while gravel makes noise. There are guards in the window by the light. Shoot out the light from afar then go slowly over to it staying back. Switch the object in the back room to turn off the lights. Go through the door and turn right - you get to white stairs and a few guards on routes. There is also a motion mine. Go slow past it, and disable it when it's on green. If you need it, there's a medkit in the bathroom here. Go up the stairs. A guy watches out the window here. Sneak up behind him and grab him. Note instead of the stairs you can leap up above bathroom into this room.

Get to the computer for notes. In the bathroom is another guard looking out a window. There's another wall mile in back of here. OK, now back downstairs. Go to the door with the keypad and hack it. Sneak to where the guy is. Cut the material, go behind him and talk to him. Is he Dvorak? No. You chat with him, then follow him. It turns out that Dvorak is an ancient computer. It's an infinite state machine that uses punch cards. There are six locations with red lights.

First, start the main server. Watch the tubes with heat vision. When a tube darkens out, hit that switch. So really you are just running from spot to spot. When you finish, grab the punch cards.

Go back out to the magnetic door. Watch the camera on the stairs and head down. You're now back in the first building. Whoot out light over elevator and go in. Choose extraction.

Splinter Cell Chaos Theory Walkthrough

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