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Splinter Cell Chaos Theory Walkthrough
Displace - Getting To the Prince of Persia

Ah, what humor. The president will have puppies if he finds out.

Head in the alley - go slow around the corner on the gravel roof. On the far corner, tuck in the nook on the right. Listen to the conversation there. Now stealth open the door to the second guy. Take him out. Use the switch, then climb up on the fan unit. Pick the trap door lock. Open it then go 90 degrees to the side where you can hook on to rappel down wall. Go out and left. Get to a hole and drop down. Move quietly to the hole. Use your optic cable to see the discussion. Let them walk away and give it about 10 seconds, then save.

You're told to follow him. Open stealth and follow them quietly. Go *near* the door they go through. They will clear the glass so dont be by the glass part. Note that you should be close enough that it triggers a discussion about it, so you learn how to do it yourself. Once you get that note, go away. You'll hear about a 'server farm'. Use the computer in the top center. Now use the rest.

At this point, make sure doors close before you open them.

Slowly make your way down the stairs in the computer room. Get under the stairs, then go down the hallway. Go under the open door and straight across - there's a guard in the room facing away. Take him out. If you need it, there's a medkit on the wall. Drop the guard in a bathroom. Now head back to the original hallway - use the code he gives you on the door under the exit sign. Go through to left up the stairs.

Hide in the dark while the guys talk. Follow the guys as they go out of the room. Wait while they talk by the window. They are heading to the computer room so once they leave the window, head down the stairs. Wait in the computer room while they talk about paperwork. They split - guy with computer walks past you to the room where the door code guy was. Stay near him. Open the door stealthily. He sits and starts working on a computer in here. Get close to the notebook and it'll let you wirelessly hack it while he works on the other computer. You get various stuff from him. "wi fi era"

Get back to the exit door and through it. Move back up to the second floor and go left. Shoot out the overhead light then the camera over the left door. Go straight along the left wall to the door. Close it behind you. Now you're in a gym with a guard in it. Go left and stay way left past the computer area. Sneak past him and use the computer. When you're done, sneak past the guard again. Go to a crawl space in the back corner of the locker room area.

Splinter Cell Chaos Theory Walkthrough

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