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Splinter Cell Chaos Theory Walkthrough
Displace - Getting To Hokkaido News

You now come out to Prince of Persia guys. Sneak around to the right and wait for them to split up. Go behind the guard to the right. He goes into a room with stairs and flags. Wait for the conversation to finish. The guard here goes left. Use the computer on the back wall.

OK, get out and up to another room with a computer and hack the door. Go in and use the computer in the back room. You'll have to hack it. "That's the last one". right - crawl space.

Turn right and grab onto the rope. Use algorithm, use computer, "someone shunted the data" - Get on the rope right away. Go up about 6 pulls. Power comes back on now. A guy comes in the room. He hits a button to opaque the windows. When the doors close, go down and grab him.

Go through the doors - a guard is in this next room. Take him out. Go through 2 doors to a third. Open it stealthily. Hug the right wall - a guard is in here, avoid him and shoot out the camera. call the elevator and take out its light. go up. Now you're on the final floor

Go around the wall to the right. Go up against glass and look through it to scan / record and hear about Milos. Now hide in a corner while the guards do a loop. Avoid them and get to the far corner to the exit door with the keypad. The guard who comes to here needs to be grabbed - otherwise he finds the hacked door. So take him out and then the camera, and then use the keypad. Close the door and go left.

Go in the right door and grab the guy there. He gives you the code. Go out and through the right door. Use the computer. Hokkaido - the alaska of Japan. Zherkhezi is there. Go out the door, and take out the camera again. Go to the stairs and up to the door. extract.

Splinter Cell Chaos Theory Walkthrough

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