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Splinter Cell Chaos Theory Walkthrough
Hokkaido - Getting To Helicopter

When the group is done talking, N will come to the phone. One guard will hang around, and the other 2 will leave. Wait for the remaining guard to turn his back, then take him out. Now go over to shadow of guy on phone - grab him through the screen.

When you're done, move along - grab another guy through a screen because it's fun. Drop him in a shadow. Move along towards the other guy in the little office room. He doesn't notice you coming at all.

Move on to the exit tunnel we pointed out before. Go out the front end. Go up the pipe by the switch and valve. Go along the top balcony area. Ignore the valves you pass. Drop down at the end of the balcony, and go into the building area. Go straight to the room. Watch as a guard walks in and out of the room. When he leaves, disable the mic right there and go out to the right.

Now there's a guard watching the slug channel. Behind him on the back wall is a mic. You can do this one while he watches tv without even him noticing. He is obsessed with his slugs. Continue down the hall and switch the light at the end. Go across the room to the glass door. Open it - step through - close it. Go over the railing to the right, then go to the opposite door. Watch for the guard to come down and stand by this door.

When the guard goes, go into the room. The mic is on the tapestry on the opposite wall. "last mic". Now head onto the red floor. Jump up and hang on the balcony until the guard goes past. Go in - avoid the glass floor. Tuck into the dark corner and wait for the 2nd guard to come near you and then walk away. When he leaves, go along behind him.

Now hang out in the shower and wait for him to leave again. When he does, go out and right, past the living room. Go through the red curtain. "teahouse".

There's a crawl space under the medkit. Note that the guy is going to die no matter what you do. There are cool fireflies down in courtyard. Airfoil the guard on the balcony after they talk. Slide open the door and go across to the lit room. Zherkesi is dead in here. Duck through the hole and head right towards the red sky. A helicopter goes over your head.

You see 2 guards in here, and there is also a third on the far left. Airfoil them starting with the furthest guy. Slide open the door and run out the front door down the stone path and under the branch - done.

Splinter Cell Chaos Theory Walkthrough

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