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Splinter Cell Chaos Theory Walkthrough
NKA - Getting to the Launch

This map area is large. There are 2 sides of a symmetrical missile area. Each side has both a control room and a garage. Wait by the boxes until the guard goes to the left. Now follow him. Wait below the stairs for the guard to come back towards you. When he does, take him out. Turn off light, and use the lit-up computer. Use this to turn on forklift controls. This gives you more access to tunnels.

Go to the door and use your optic cable to verify there is nobody there. Open the door, and take out the overhead camera and light. Go down the stairs to the missiles and turn right. You'll see a guy on the opposite side of the room by the little vehicles. Take out the camera again when it re-activates and then cross to the guard. Take the light out over his head - he'll stand up at that point. Now you can go to the missile and bypass the circuit.

Shoot the camera again and hide in the missiles area while the guard circulates. If you have to, take out light again - he'll go to the light. When you can, take out the camera and leave the area.

Go back through the control room to the main area. Now go straight across. Note that there are shells in the box if you use them, as well as smoke and frag grenades. Head on up the stairs. Again use the lit-up computer for forklift control. Go into the doorway. Turn off light, open the door, take out the camera and light. Head down into the room and right into the dark area. Go along to the back of the missiles. Shoot out lights as you go across. Go to missile with nose cone off. You may have to knock this guy out dependign on your timing.

When both are done, hack the elevator in the central area. Ride it up. Shoot out the light immediately when the elevator lands. The guard will be right there, but in the dark he won't see you. Let the doors close. Now use the elevator controls again and just open the doors. Go hard right in the room. The guard will be scanning at the door. Wait for him to go. Turn out the light, then use the computer if you want - there's nothing there. Hack the retinal scanner. When you're through, you can go through and hide in the little grill to get your bearings. Go around to the right staying in dark. You'll hear guys talking. You hear that the missile was launched by accident from here.

Splinter Cell Chaos Theory Walkthrough

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