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StarCraft Walkthrough
Protoss 4: Hunt for Tassidar

I hate get-to-this-point missions, but at least in this one you get to do a bit of base building. You begin in the southeast corner. You only have a high templar, 4 zealots, and 4 dragoons. Ignore the ramp to your left. Run this group right, north, right, down under the sign, and straight north, without stopping to fight. You've now reached the base with Tassadar and Raynor.

You have to return them to the beacon, but you won't be able to do that without a much larger force. You're facing both the Tiamat and the Jormungand broods.

Start building your attack fleet. Block the right hand ramp into your area with a bunch of cannons, and guard the middle ramp. Do all the upgrades you can, and build yourself a few archons. Start pushing your way down that middle road, going back the way you came in. You'll hit quite a bit of resistance so be sure to keep your forces large and to replenish them as they're killed off.

When you hit the beacon, the mission is over, so if you're near it at the end, just ignore the enemies and make a run for it.

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